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The minute I speak event management in hospitals, people look at me and ask “What is that? Isn’t it the same as event management?”

This is the common misconception everyone has about managing hospital events. They feel it’s the same as managing any event. But friends, I beg to disagree. If managing events is a hard task, then managing hospital events is 10 times that.

Normally big hospitals (over 250 bedded), have a fully functional marketing department which in-house, a marketing head, marketing managers, branding managers, team leads and executives. This makes a team. So, for small events, hospital prefers to do in in house. They feel it’s a waste of money paying to the event management companies and use their own resources to do the job. If they require a stage or a backdrop or sound system, they approach the individual suppliers and take it from them and have the event.

If there is big event/ conference, then the hospital faces difficulty to handle it. So, what does the hospital do? Some of the hospitals look for any event management companies. Then the hospital asks for a quotation based on their requirement and whichever event management company gives the lowest quote, they go with them for that event. But here the lowest quotation is not the normally low quotation but the lowest as anyone can imagine. – Reason the hospital states is that, hospitals do not have budget. But they want the event to be the best.

It is seen that most of the event management companies hardly handle hospitals. Why is it so?  Is it that hospitals do not entertain event management companies or is it that event management companies do not want to work with hospitals?

Let’s discuss both individually from each’s perspective


Event management companies want to be associated with hospitals, so they try to give the lowest, lowest and still lowest quotation so that they get the next event also and they can be associated with the hospital. But in the next event of the hospital, again the hospital asks for 3 quotations from different event management companies and again go with the lowest. In the end the event management company which had done the previous event for the hospital, might not even get the second event if they do not quote lowest.

Event management companies when doing the first event for hospital usually after decreasing the quotation to rock bottom in hope of getting the next event, at times shell out money from their pocket. And they cannot do this all the time because they would not earn anything, rather lose everything.

So, what happens?

Event management company stops doing events for hospital.

And this is the case with all the event management companies. So, the hospital finds it difficult to find event management companies in due course of time.

Now, if there is an urgent requirement from the hospital’s side, then what does the other event management company do? They charge the hospital double and triple what the previous company was charging, because they know the hospitalwill not give them another chance to do the event, so it’s better to bill them maximally.

Result- The hospital doesn’t work with them again and neither does the event management company works with the hospital again


In hospitals, Marketing and Branding people want to hire event management companies to do their events, but they are not given that budget from the senior management. IT IS THE TRUTH. But the senior management wants the best from the event management company, if they are taking them.

Hospitals wants to empanel one event management company but their protocols do not allow them. The hospitals protocols are to get three or more quotations from the event management companies and then decide on the lowest.Also, the budget allocated to the marketing department to do the event is so low that even the managers in the hospital can’t help. When they try to convince the event management companies, that they have a very low budget for the event, it seems unbelievable for the event managers as the hospital is earning so much then how can the hospital have low budget—

Hence event management companies don’t work with hospitals and Vice-versa

That’s where the gap lies…

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   Dr. Preeti Sharma

    Founder & CEO

Red Broomm Events



“Event Manager” –A very loosely used term by everyone. People who are the suppliers of stage, lights, sound call themselves an event manager! And that precisely is the reason, my friend, that people have started treating this industry as a low industry. If a doctor / engineer/ banker/ graduate / IIM graduate etc. start an event management firm, people ask WHY? “You are a doctor? Why event management? It is not for people like you.” This is how low the event management industry has its standard as on date.

Can’t anyone with a passion for events, do an event? Why are we judged by the degrees we have or the qualifications we possess? the irony is, these people who come from professional background can bring about the change in the event management industry- These are the people who can generate new concepts, ideas and raise the standards of this industry.

All the industries have started treating event managers as suppliers. I will not use the term “vendors” here because this is not an appropriate term for any person providing his/ her services to an organization. Actually, the job and responsibilities of an event manager are far beyond by being a supplier… Event manager conceptualizes, creates and deliver the ideas to the client and does the production part. Does it seem easy? No! Event management is a skill and not everyone’s cup of tea. Only those people who have the passion and zeal for doing events succeed.

In today’s world, we see every other person turning and becoming an “event manager”. This is because people think it as an easy way to earn money fast!

How many of us have heard the phrase “Oh he is in event management! He must be minting money.” Is it true?

Initially, A big NO. Some of them have to shell out money from their own pocket to sustain. Later, if one succeeds, maybe after some years or if lady luck smiles upon him/ her in a few months, then money starts pouring in.

Let me tell you one thing guys- Those who are real time in event management, don’t do it for money! It is the excitement of doing an event which drives them and yes, money is required to sustain their normal living.

People who are into this industry will agree with me, that it is not easy getting clients and events. It is harder than doing a 9 to 5 job. It requires passion, constant dedication, not giving up attitude and extreme hard work to get a name in this industry.

Most of the event management companies get started with a big dream but later they close. Why? At times people say, they lacked funds for sustaining. Some say, they tried but could not get events. Some say, they were cheated of their ideas etc. But as per me, the only thing which is necessary in event management is PATIENCE. You must “Hold On”. It takes time to any business to start. In today’s world people are impatient and they give up too easily. But patience and persistence is the key to success. As Thomas Edison said:

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up!”

So, All the best to all the event managers out there. Live your passion to the fullest and do wonders to make this industry proud!


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Dr. Preeti Sharma

Founder & CEO

Red Broomm Events