The word “entrepreneur” or “entrepreneurship” looks so classy and Sauvé. The minute we hear someone is an entrepreneur, we have that WOW look in our eyes. And YES! It is true.

In today’s world, you see so many youngsters, middle age and even elderly turning entrepreneurs. So, what is it which drives the people to be an entrepreneur?


In my opinion, the feeling or motivation or zeal to be an entrepreneur is not taught. It is from inside. Maybe genetic, maybe passion or maybe choice or etc. But the bottom line is that being an entrepreneur is not taught by anyone.


If a person has it in her or him, he/she would be an entrepreneur.


The journey from thinking to its startup and to its completion (which many of the entrepreneurs don’t see) is not a smooth ride. It is the road full of gravels, mud, ditches, in which you at times get stuck and at times drown in the quicksand. Trust me, it’s never a straight, smooth road. You must build the road yourself.


Let’s cut down all the English idioms which are written above. It all melts down to one thing—IT IS DIFFICULT.


But at the same time, it is exciting! It gives you the adrenaline rush which not even any drug can give. It makes you alive.


If entrepreneurship is all that exciting… adrenalin rush… etc. then why do people fail? Why do some startups close? Why do people become bankrupt?


There are many reasons as to why the above happens. Some views are because startup lack funds, some opine that they lack business planning, some say customers don’t want what the startup has to offer, some even say they never got an investor, etc.


All the above reasons are true to some extent. But, what I feel is that the most important thing why an entrepreneur who has a startup fails is because she/ he gives up too soon. We people, lack patience. If our business does not sustain for some time, we get paranoid because there is cash outflow but not inflow. So, we try to pull along for some months and then eventually, give up.


But you know the irony?


The minute you give up, that’s the time when you are just near the finishing line. Many entrepreneurs give up just before the finishing line and later they realize, that if they would have stayed a tiny-winy bit longer, they would have made it. Yes… that tiny-winy bit is called Patience!


So, my dear friends, the journey about entrepreneurship is no more a road less travelled, but a journey of patience and perseverance.


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Dr. Preeti Sharma

Founder & CEO

Red Broomm Events


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